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Group and Meeting Manager
  • • Public or private groups
  • • Editable agendas and bylaws
  • • Easily create meetings and committees
  • • Calendar of meetings
  • • Attendee lists
  • • Generate meeting announcements by email
  • • Paperless meetings
Robert's Rules Meeting App
  • • Start using Robert's Rules immediately
  • • Motion status display on app or on a monitor
  • • Information about motions at your fingertips
  • • Know if a motion is currently in order
  • • Make or second a motion, in person or remotely
  • • Request the floor to speak
  • • View Agenda, Attendees, and Minutes, live or later
  • • Management features for meeting chair
  • • Optimized for mobile

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Complimentary Personal Memberships 8 30 500
Robert's Rules App for Meetings
App Sandbox (Practice Area)
Real-Time Minutes
Guides and Charts
Join and Participate in Groups
Color Clock Timer for Speakers
Group and Meeting Organizing Tools
Create Online Agendas and Bylaws
Committees and Subcommittees 4 8 20 Unlimited
PDF Upload Hosting 200MB 1GB 5GB 50GB
Meeting Status Display on Monitor
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