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RRO Group and Meeting Organizer

The RRO Group and Meeting Organizer is a clean, light, FREE tool for managing your meetings. Your is welcome.


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Member Features

Please refer to our Features page for details on different membership levels.
  • Color Clock - Meeting Timer. Helps keep speakers on track with a countdown clock, and by changing color to indicate remaining time.
  • Group Page. Create a home page with information about your group, meetings, and members.
  • Subcommittees. Easily create subsidiary committees for your group.
  • Signups. Members can join public groups immediately, or join private groups upon confirmation by the group owner.
  • Meeting Creator. Group owners can create meetings, indicating date, location, purpose, and other information.
  • Meeting Calendar. All meetings for a group are shown on the group page. All meetings that a member signs up for, across groups, are shown on the member's meetings page.
  • Attendees. Shown in group, according to privacy settings.
  • Agenda, Bylaws Tools. Editable agenda template is created for each new meeting. Members can review the proposed agenda prior to the meeting. Similarly, a bylaws template is created for each group.
  • PDF uploads. Easy access by group members to uploaded documents.
  • Communications. Group owners can send announcements to group members, and meeting chairs can send announcements to meeting attendees. More communications features are on the way.
  • Web app. Our unique web application is well suited to practicing usage of the rules, and in a live meeting it records motions, votes, etc. and provides real-time minutes.